I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint -Jeremiah 31:25 (NIV)

I woke up yesterday feeling drained. I have had after school activities for the kids, homework for two children each evening, while keeping a busy toddler preoccupied, fixing dinner, house cleaning, planning for a new business, the list goes on and on. I began to think “Lord, help me make it to Friday.” "NO!" I had another thought, this was a moment of opportunity! Today! I will be refreshed! I began talking to myself. I began reading the Word of God and I put on a CD and after all that I was still physically tired. Haha! But, spiritually I was refreshed. We have to determine to not to leave God's presence without being changed. Refreshing is there y'all, we need only to receive it! For me most times, it starts with telling my initial thoughts “No". And normally, by this point I have neglected my physical body in some way as well. It is crucial we refuel ourselves with proper nutrition and exercise. I have not gotten all of this down pat, but I am working on making some changes. After I had my quiet time, I immediately went and penciled in some time for myself on my calendar, for the near future. We all need it. We need time to be quiet, just ourselves, our thoughts, and God.

In the midst of a hectic schedule or just life in general we have to take time away from it all. Noah, David, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Daniel... Jesus took time away with the Father. Why should we not follow this important pattern? God gave Noah specific instructions to do something never done before. David got instruction and constantly cried out to God for help. Have you cried out to the Lord lately? Sometimes that is needed. Abraham, God gave him a promise to hold on to, despite what was going on in his life, he had a promise!! Moses was given courage in His quiet time with God. Joshua was reaffirmed that he would win the battle he was facing and that God would stay right by his side. Daniel knew folks were watching but he did not care, he was going to have his time with God, even if it cost him his life! If we intend to be fulfilled woman and lead fulfilled lives we can not get by without having an intentional time for being refreshed. Busy Christians are not better Christians! Pray and seek wisdom for your schedule and duties, God will give you instruction. He truly has been helping me this week, with simplifying my life and cutting back in some areas. God will help us to know what to balance in our lives. But, when God instructs, let us listen and obey.

Each day I realize I need more of the Holy Spirit to lead a fulfilling life. After doing several things for my household and children, I still want to be an excellent wife. After I've catered to my husband, I still want to have the energy to be a good friend. I have my own personal goals and aspirations that I want attain. How can this be accomplished without being burn out? Well, I am learning to run to Jesus more and even moreso when I feel a spirit of heaviness trying to rise. Jesus is my place of safety, my mind regulator, He is holding me together, each and every day.

A good job, plentiful finances, good health, and great relationships are no substitute for a refreshed spirit,soul, and body. I need constant refreshing from the Water. This Water is Jesus. He never runs dry. There is a song by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy, that says “His presence is water, come fill me...again and again!!” Yes Lord!! That is what I need! Thank you Jesus for your presence!

Don’t wait to get to church, for Friday, or Saturday, or the next day. Jesus can revitalize you right here and right now. And don’t forget the tangible things. Set time aside whether it be an hour or two, or an entire day for self-care. Walk and talk with the refresher of your soul! Have a blessed weekend!!

Prayer: Lord, FILL ME AGAIN!!! Amen.

...He leads me beside quiet waters, He refreshes my soul... -Psalm 23:2b-3(NIV)

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