Unlimited Access Through Prayer

I had a dream yesterday that jolted me out of my sleep. It was one of those dreams that seemed soo vividly real. I could not go back to sleep so I got up and prayed. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me the importance of accessing him through prayer. I immediately felt convicted because I know I don't pray as much as I need to. We are soo blessed to live in a time that we can freely go to the throne of God without any barriers between us and His awesome presence. Sometimes I take for granted the awesome and powerful tool that lies within me when life situations arise. But I am excited that God is urging me to seek Him more in prayer. Can you imagine the impact on our lives, if we would just set aside time to pray more often and intentionally? God needs to hear our prayers and we need to speak out loud so that everything in our atmosphere will become subject to the will of God. Do you want that? I do! There are stubborn situations and things going on in my life and all around us, and only a heightened time of prayer will change them. You see, when the devil is "going hard", we have to pray even harder. Our prayers shake up the enemy because he knows his plans will ultimately fail.  

We have access to an all-powerful Father, but we must stay persistent in spending time daily at his feet. I will not give up and I will not throw in the towel! God has placed some important people, places, and things on my heart and I believe He has chosen me to push until a change happens by way of prayer. Do you realize that sometimes we are the only people praying for change? God only needs one yielded vessel. Let that vessel be me and you, praying until God's will comes to pass!! Intercede for your family, friends, neighbors, country and leaders. There is dynamic power in your prayers.

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine spiritual beings going to war as you pray. This is real!! We sometimes relinquish control of our mind to thoughts of worry or anxiety, but power belongs to Him who is seated on the throne!!!! Let us purpose as fulfilled woman to pray more with expectancy in our hearts and minds. We must be unwavering in our faith if we believe the Word of God which says,


 "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" - James 5:16


Don't ever give up hope. Stay at the feet of Jesus in prayer!

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