Every… Thing…Matters

Sometimes I wonder if deep down I am just a perfectionist. My “to do list” is never ending, but if I sat and did nothing, it would just eat away at my core. However, I know that the work that I am doing is not in vain. This is not merely busywork, but a work of love and motivation to glorify God in my everyday life. Often, I think to myself, the “real” revolution is not televised. When duties of family and life get be monotonous, I realize that even though no one else may see, I’m not loving every minute. God sees and He has a purpose behind every task.

I have come to love and take pride in what can be deemed by others as mundane. This is because I believe that if God can consistently trust me with the minor things, He can trust me with the major things as well. When we say that our lives are worship unto God, why do we think He only takes notice of the “big” things we do? This is not the case. When I clean our family van, it’s worship, because while I’m cleaning the van, I also praise God for the vehicle He has blessed me with. Because I appreciate it, I want to take care it. When I clean my home, fix meals, and seize the opportunity to encourage someone who is distraught, it all matters, because I live for an audience of one…and that one is Jesus.

Don’t minimize your contribution to God’s Kingdom because you may not have a stage. I believe the most impactful ministry is first within our families and then we minister to others God allows to cross our paths. Once you accept that you have a life that is fulfilled by your Creator, no task is meaningless because our righteous steps are ordered. So, if you’re wondering what God’s will is for you, I’d encourage you to look right where you are. Your ministry is where God has strategically placed you, right here and now. No task is too small for God to show up and show out. God’s glory is ignited merely by our decision to obey readily and consistently. He is always there and always willing to meet us in every area of our lives.

There is an old rap song I used to listen to when I was a child, called, “God don’t make no junk.” The anthem of that song taught me at a young age how important I am to God. How unique and wonderfully designed God created us, goes hand in hand with the special work He intends for each of us to fulfill in our lives. If you truly believe that you are not “junk,” you can also be assured that the work God has given you to do is something amazing and awesome to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Nothing that we do is pointless, because we all play a part in the Master’s plan. Be blessed!!

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