Week of Prayer:
Make it Personal

My Prayer:
Lord, I pray that you would fill me up with more of your Spirit, and less of me. I thank you that I am a reflection of You when people interact with me. Let me rely on You to fulfill every insecurity, hurt, and fear. All my help comes from You! Thank You God, for every day You allow me to have with my husband. Thank you for keeping him healthy and well. Guide and direct his steps. May he also be fulfilled as he daily draws closer to You. Thank You for my boys! Lord help me in raising them, because it is not an easy task. Help me to show them Your love, Your grace, and why they need You as their Savior!! I pray for all my family and friends that You would lead them and give them the desires of their hearts as they put You first in their lives. Thank You God for being my Lord and King…

Take time to write a special prayer. Remember to pray in alignment with God’s will. Prayer is speaking to God and allowing God time to speak to you. God does not always give us an answer when we want it, but we can continue to pray that His will be done in our lives and the lives of others. When we pray God’s will, it relinquishes control to Him. As fulfilled women we must continue to keep taking this plunge of faith daily because we know Gods plan is best. Pray, not to be heard, but to hear God’s voice more clearly!!

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