Never Forget

…proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. -1 Corinthians 11:26(NIV)

On a ride to school one morning I asked my five year old “What do we celebrate for Easter?” and he excitedly replied, “Easter eggs!” Although his response was innocent, my heart was convicted by the response. The commercials on television, public school, and stores all point to anything but Jesus being the reason for this holiday. For some, their favorite holiday may be Christmas, but mine is definitely Resurrection Sunday! During Christmas I treasure the family traditions and basking in the precious radiance of Christ’s birth. But after years of being a believer, I have realized how I have become more vigilant in trusting and relying on Christ daily. I believe when you realize how much you can't live without Christ, you never take an opportunity for granted to thank Jesus for His work on the cross. I am eternally grateful for Jesus shedding His blood for me to have new life in Him! I want to pass this enjoyment and excitement on to my children, family, and friends. To help commemorate Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection in a meaningful way, here are a few tips:

Decorate: Just as you would decorate for Christmas. Resurrection Season is a time of celebration for every believer. Allow your home to set the atmosphere for your family and any who comes to visit! My main areas for décor are my front door and our dinner table.

Open Your Home: Plan and prepare a special dinner. Invite family, friends, and those that don’t know Christ to experience the love and joy of celebrating our risen King!!!

Make time: Engage in age appropriate Bible time with your kids, one on one, and as a family. One of my favorite resources to help in explaining and sharing with my children are "Resurrection Eggs."

My children are really enjoying learning this story with this tool and it helps them to better grasp what Jesus did for them. This could become an annual family tradition, as it has become with our family. For my younger children we have also used, "The Story of Easter" by Patricia A. Pingry, "My Easter Story" by Karen Williamson, and the "Superbook" Bible DVD series. Remember to pray for wisdom as to how to explain and share your heart with your children that allows the Holy Spirit to permeate their heart. God’s Word is fresh and alive!! I am believing God to show us and our children new revelation in God’s Word, as we purpose to NEVER FORGET the price that was paid for us and live more fervently for our risen King!

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