Don’t Look Too Far Ahead….Trust God

Talks with my oldest son start from the moment he wakes up! He is talking all the time, but I’m slowly but surely coming to embrace it. Just like myself, he is a planner and nonstop!! We are literally on our way to school one morning and he is pre-planning for next year’s family reunion. How are we going to get there? He is worried about getting on a plane? How do I feel about getting on the plane? I’m like,“Son please just rest your mind!” He is always anticipating how to plan for his next move.

In a somewhat similar way, we must always be in preparation and anticipation of what God has next for us. We should stay in a position of doing what God says now and then preparing ourselves spiritually and mentally for whatever comes next. Don’t get me wrong, we do not need to know all the details. Rather, we need only to prepare our hearts and mind to be open to what God’s will is daily. Just like my son, we may want to know more definitively what is coming next. But as his loving mother, I redirect my son to embrace his current situation. His current situation is, he is going to school and he needs to concentrate on making it a great day as the best student he can be! In the same way, God knows what’s best for us and we need only to stay excited for what is to come in His awesome plan for us. You see if I give my son too much information in advance, it will mess up His focus, and he can’t handle knowing too far in advance. But at the appointed time, we will talk about more details. Jesus died so that our alignment with Him always brings us victory in our daily lives. Proper planning does not prevent us from encountering pitfalls as a believer, but maintaining proper posture does!! Stay committed to God and walk in expectancy. Whatever is coming down the line is for your good! Trust God with every step,big or small! God’s name is on the line for you and for me. He won’t let us down!

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  1. It’s can be difficult to not anticipate about what is next in our lives, But maintaining that everyday conversation with Jesus will put your mind to rest