So, I’ve recently started back up again with exercising. It’s always a love hate relationship between me and exercise. I hate “it” but “it” will have me feeling, looking, and functioning better than before. My first day of working out, I was very slow. I was learning the movements and coaxing myself to move until the end even though I was doing everything low impact. The second day, I knew the movements and started to anticipate harder segments of my workout that allowed me to go just a little further. By day three, I didn’t even ask myself if I wanted this torture, I just endured. I had found my rhythm and broke an even better sweat and had a much more fulfilling workout. I realized that the whole process, thus far, has been mind over matter for me.

In order to get in good physical and spiritual shape, we have to maintain a proper mindset! Stop asking your feelings for permission for what you know needs to be done. Just begin moving. Eventually you will find your rhythm. Every morning I wake up, I don’t feel like an awesome and mighty woman of God, but on those days, I keep functioning in my role as a daughter of the King. Nothing can sway you when your mind is set on the firm foundation of God’s Word, His will, and His way. Just as we can bring our physical bodies into submission, we can do the same with our minds. We have the authority of the Holy Spirit that empowers us at all times, and our emotions are not contingent upon it. Distractions will come, but we must choose to guard our mind and the Holy Spirit will bring us inner peace. Sometimes we have to switch our mindset as quickly as a boomerang. I mean, changing your thoughts as quickly as a boomerang! Don’t allow anything to marinate in your mind that you don’t want served up later on the platter of your life. Our actions will manifest our thoughts! If we allow ourselves to remain conquered in one area, it will carry over to various other aspects of your life. Take control! Don’t continue to have your life out of order. Get your mind right and cling tightly to God’s Word and what the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Hold tightly to the outcome you know you have as a fulfilled woman in Jesus Christ! He cares soo much for you! God loves you and He sees. Keep your head in the game! Each day that we push through challenges and succeed, we are getting stronger!!

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:7

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