Strong Identity

“I’m Unworthy”, “I’m Unlovable,” “It’ll always be like this” , “No one gets me” ...All lies! Lies placed in our head by others or by ourselves, and sometimes both. We can carry lies within ourselves , intentional or unintentionally and it can do damage to our identity if we allow it. How can you function if you believe lies about who you are? These lies can be stifling.

I am learning daily to cultivate my identity in who Christ says that I am and what I have access to as a child of God. Life sometimes has a subtle way of infringing on my mental and emotional space. And before I know it I’m believing a lie about myself from myself, others, or the devil. All will send me down a slippery slope if I allow it. My mind is often the toughest thing to beat. But I’m doing it, one day at a time! Everyday we get up we have a choice to take hold of a label and stick it on ourselves to stay. For far too long I have accepted negative labels at one time or another. This belief in a lie is a trick to get me to disengage with the life giving point of view that comes from God. I refuse not to lay hold to my inheritance as a child of God! What about you? Create a daily routine of establishing what God says about you. We must proactively seek to strengthen our mind and spirit. Ephesians 6 says we must put on the whole armor of God. Whether you are currently doing great with our identity or not, never stop reinforcing what God says about you. We can not fulfill our purpose as Godly women without knowing who we are in Christ. The world will increasingly try to tell us the opposite. We must be prepared and alert so that we don’t forget what we are made of, from the inside out. 

To this end, I have begun using affirmations to start my day. I chose to accept what and who God says I am! Don’t allow your identity to be shaken, without it you can not have a clear vision of your present or future. Without knowing who and what you’re made of, you can’t access the power of God to function day by day effectively! You are chosen! You are redeemed! You are loved! You are victorious ! My prayer is that you will never forget who and whose you are and that you remain empowered in your daily life!! Stay encouraged!!

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