God’s Unconventional Will

Quite a few things in my life right now look anything but normal. But I know that the tasks God has assigned to me, bring meaning to my life in a way that nothing else could. A few years back the Lord revealed to me that I had been living my life, expecting other people and things to fulfill me. Once I grasped hold of the truth that only Christ is the void filler in every aspect of my life, things have not only been easier, but I now know how to dig deeper into my relationship with God for wisdom and power to live a fulfilled life and overcome all of life’s obstacles.

I recently started a small business. I also realized I needed to begin homeschooling one of my children. In addition to these things, I got involved with some wonderful ministry opportunities at my amazing church. All the while, I am still wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. It’s a lot! How do I juggle it all without complete and utter drain?! Well, I’m convinced that I am “downtown in Gods will for my life.” I’m right where He wants me. His grace, wisdom and power are equipping me for this new season. So, I got to thinking, where in the Bible do I see someone leading an unconventional journey in life? At first, I thought about the story where God tells a man to marry a harlot in order to illustrate His undying love for Israel. But then I decided against that, since it is still very hard for me to wrap my mind around that story. Albeit true, me and God got some talking to do about that story. But then I got to thinking about another biblical figure. God tells him to come out from among his family and those closest to him but gives him no set agenda or chronological timeline. God just tells him to “go!” For years he and his wife would long for children, but God waits till a seemingly inopportune time (Abraham was 99 years old) to share His plan to bless them with kids. I mean, I’m pretty sure Abraham thought God’s timeline was way off, and His directions kinda’ crazy and uncomfortable.

But no matter how unorthodox, God had a plan and it was a perfect fit for Abraham. I believe the same goes for you and me! If we say we serve a God who has no limits, why do we set limits for ourselves and the lives we lead? We serve an unconventional God as believers in Jesus Christ and our everyday lives should reflect that! Let’s go big or go home!!! The things God has called you and I to do, can only be accomplished by His mighty power. Allow God to continue to show Himself strong in order to build your faith in Him as we shine as bright lights for the whole world to see.

Reflect: Genesis 11; Genesis 17, Lamentations 3:21-24, Matthew 19:6

Prayer Father God I thank you for being an awesome and mighty God. You are the creator of the universe and the God who created me. Thank You God, that I have a heart and a mind to surrender to You when life just gets crazy! You WILL meet me with your power, grace, wisdom and understanding. I need You God, more than ever before. I will allow You to do a new thing in me every day … and I will be obedient until I complete it. Amen.


  1. Excellent blog! Very encouraging and challenging as well! Thanks for candidly sharing your story to lift and inspire others to walk in whatever assignment God gives!

  2. Glad to see your blog again. I like the idea that God's plan for me is a perfect fit.